A Study of the Vegetation and Floristic Affinity of the Line jstor

plants are reported from the forests occurring on line outcrops in southern and southwestern China as a number of samples of rock and soil and other

Species environment patterns of forest vegetation on the uplifted

patterns of forest vegetation on the uplifted reef line of Atiu Mangaia These tropical forests have a relatively low diversity of native woody species 32 as surrogates for environmental variables maritime influence soil variation in eastern Polynesia a review of the record and comparison with other Pacific

stand structure woody species richness and composition of FRIM

karst forest had higher species diversity with different tree species compositions Keywords Line forest rocky desertification vegetation restoration size class stem density ZHANG Province has the largest and most unique karst

Indonesia Island of Sulawesi Ecoregions WWF

This ecoregion represents the lowland forests less than 1 000 m on Sulawesi and the Distinctive forest types on line are distributed around southern and peridotite rocks contain unique forests with a high degree of plant endemism and plant groups in the amount of interchange between other biogeographic

Stone Forest Photo Gallery National Geographic Magazine

Madagascar s line towers are a haven for strange species the world s strangest species from the ghostly Decken s sifaka a lemur to a host of reptiles insects and plants Like other lemurs they probably live in small family groups

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy The Laurel Highlands

Sandstone and line rock formations imbedded within mature forests create on the plateau and mountain ridges encompass species rich bogs and other tributaries such as Indian Creek lies a unique complex of plant communities

Uniqueness of line soil forming substrate in the forest

JOURNAL OF FOREST SCIENCE 53 2007 4 149–161 Species AbstrAct The uniqueness of line soil forming substrate was assessed with respect to the classification of forest ously published works from other karst areas

Remnants of a Line Forest Pacific Island National Parks

Oct 26 2010 These unique vegetation assemblages are restricted to ancient uplifted coral reef Ritidian Point on Guam displays a rare line forest one invasive fighting another members of the Pacific Island Network vegetation

Line Outcrop Description Line outcrops are unique

Description Line outcrops are unique assemblages of plant species that occur on hammock slope forest and upland hardwood forest in the Florida Panhandle Other interesting rare plant species of line outcrops include false

Forests Fauna amp Flora International

There are over 60 000 different tree species in the world and natural forests can be The trees and other flora species tend to be particularly hardy for example pine fir with extinction and often the risks to a particular species are unique Securing greater protection for karst line forest ecosystems in northern

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May 25 2017 Adult healthy leaves of species with high importance values were collected at The line formations are covered throughout the island by sediments Typical vegetation of moist karst forests has been described by Alvarez et al The analysis of the elemental composition of rocks from different karst

Forest over line Philippines The Field Museum

Lowland Rain Forest middot Montane Rain Forest middot Mossy Forest middot Other Habitats The forest here usually called line forest is dominated by the molave tree Vitex which tends to grow in the few pockets of deep soil with clumps of bamboo to be highly restricted unique species that provide habitat for a unique set of

The Native Forest Vegetation of Killarney South West Ireland JStor

The unique moss rich Taxus baccata forest on line outcrops is a facies of the Park other portions are managed by the Forestry and Wildlife Service and

NPS Draft Document Rota Pt 4b University of Hawaii Botany

The native line forest of the Mariana Islands is a unique natural heritage rich Landward from the coast through the strand forest various other plants are

Guam Statewide Forest Resource Assessment and Resource Strategy

June 18th 2010 Joseph S Mafnas Chief Forestry and Soil Resources and other waterways including the reef system at the outlets These priority areas are southern Guam and on line soils in northern Guam Secondary Forests occur on the This scale of disturbance is unique to Guam and represents a

Line Bluff Cedar Pine Forests Vermont Fish and Wildlife

Other ecologists and naturalists have contributed to the information on extent of the Line Bluff Cedar Pine Forest and developing a list of plant species

Guam 39 s Forest Resources 2002 USDA Forest Service

Guam occupies approximately 63 830 acres with line forest accounting for about 70 forests Nonforest vegetation includes other vegetation An additive combination of relative density and relative basal area importance value IV

Yambaru National Park Guide of Highlights MOE

This forest allows observation of wild plants and animals amid the Visitors can see plants unique to line areas set among grand views of karst topography Visitors can see ferns and other plants peculiar to subtropical zones and

ecosystem carbon storage of tropical forests over line

and mineral soil to 1 m depth in a tropical forest over line on the northern edge of be more vulnerable to vegetation destruction than other tropical forests on non line substrate with the highest importance value index IVI

Land use in the karstic lands in the Mediterranean region

Karstic lands have special importance in terms of soil formation and land use Soil appears create a favourable habitat for the growth of forests except in an arid climate Because the tree roots easily follow and develop along the cracks in the line ne area are different than in areas with other parent materials

Vegetation analyses of the South Atlantic Coastal Plain Line

Mar 24 2016 is floristically unique among Coastal Plain forests but its composition and structure have not Key words Coastal Plain Georgia community analyses floristics line forest to fit the different sized quadrats was used

South China Karst UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The stone forests of Shilin are considered superlative natural phenomena and a world The Jinfoshan Karst component is a unique karst table mountain surrounded by The landscape also retains most of its natural vegetation which results in stone forest occurring on dolomitic line and the Suyishan stone forest

Current Forest Conditions in the US Affiliated Pacific Islands

and fish or other wildlife if they are not handled or applied properly Invasive plants are a destructive force in USAPI forests that change forest structure Line forest on Tinian Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Upland forests of the US Affiliated Pacific Islands USAPI are unique plant communities that

gunung mulu national park malaysia TheSalmons

animals and plants in seventeen vegetation zones line pinnacles cave passages and decorations Mulu has outstanding scenic values The Medalam Protected Forest 12 500 ha in Sarawak and the extensive lowland The other cave fauna is abundant with over 200 species recorded many being endemic

Counting on forests and accounting for forest contributions CIFOR

primary forest on line in Seram the Moluccas Indonesia Working Paper 145 Bogor 7 Above ground biomass for different life forms in 0 04 ha secondary forest obtained from the four destructive forest type is of great importance because biomass of the original forest vegetation at a single point in time or over

Structure and tree diversity of lowland line forest on SLU

from sea level to 3000 m elevation a rather unique situation in the tropics In comparison with other rain forest types forests on line have received little Since there are very limited studies on line vegetation in Indonesia Lau


FOREST RESOURCES AND ECOSYSTEM CONSERVATION IN MALAYSIA It has been estimated that about 50 of the plants of Borneo are endemic Different forest types can also develop as a result changing geology not erode threaten or destroy unique ecosystems species and genetic resources and within

Floristic composition and community structure of a seasonally

The seasonally deciduous forests on line outcrops show a vegetation that that are deciduous for longer in the dry season than other tropical forests dominance and the importance value index were calculated Kent amp Coker 1992

PDF Structure of a Line Forest on Northern Guam

Jul 14 2014 Abstract Area 50 is a unique 24 ha patch of line forest on ground flora were similar between experimental and control plots We of the perimeter fence were considered edge plots and all others were considered

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines Unit 1

Missouri has a unique and significant forest resource unique because of compaction and other physical changes to soil properties that might occur under sinkholes line cliffs sandstone canyons springs seeps forested wetlands

Peninsular Malaysian Lowland and Montane Forests WWF

Peninsular Malaysian Lowland and Montane Forests a rich flora and fauna with about 8 000 species of plants over 200 species of mammals features montane rainforests unique line forests and the largest area of pristine In the Peninsular Malaysia rain forests you may encounter up to 6 000 different species

Madeira evergreen forests Ecoregions WWF World Wildlife Fund

The flora and fauna of this relict forest is quite unique it has many endemic Basalt and volcanic ash predominates and line rocks of marine origin are there are narrow endemics of both plants and birds found only in one or the other

Line Karsts of Southeast Asia Imperiled Arks of Biodiversity

Sep 1 2006 About half the world 39 s original forest cover has already been cleared for agriculture For these and other reasons karsts are recognized as important karsts to be unique 60 of the 73 plant species recorded from the Mulu

Reforestation in Line Forest in Central Thailand A Case iiste

With the commended reforestation and wildlife rehabilitation in a unique landscape Among the many plant species that grow on line are primitive cycads other forests in the country line forests had been severely extracted for

Line habitats Fauna amp Flora International

The often isolated nature of these unique features and the extreme soil and water landscapes means that many line hills have retained their forest cover of threatened endemic species over 30 than any other habitat of comparable

Ecological Characteristics of a Native Line Forest on Saipan

importance tree basal area and tree density in that habitat Using the posed in which P grandis and other species largely absent from the on line derived soil although examples of ravine forest growing on vol canic soil

The Line Forest

Other Line Forest Plants Line forest like many other natural areas on Guam is being unique combination of plant and animal populations

Tree species diversity of tropical forest vegetation in Xishuangbanna

Tree species diversity of four tropical forest vegetation types was rain forest evergreen broad leaved forest and monsoon forest over line values within the same vegetation type vary between the samples from different patches of one species and consequently creates a unique canopy architecture and more

wet line forest reasons Cockpit Country

Terrestrial Herbaceous Plants 1e Endemic Plants quot Wet line forest is a composite of all the ecological communities and the various interactive processes that make up the unique Cockpit Country system processes interactions at different community levels it makes a good umbrella target that covers all others

The Forest and Scrub Vegetation in Line Areas of jstor

Generally speaking in contrast to those on other rocks the flora and vegetation on The altitudinal forest regions and the climax vegetation in Shikoku are little importance as well as companions are excluded for want of space from the

Line Forests on Guam NPS Science Nature

Another site is in the Asan Beach Unit where a visitor trail accesses the top of the Description Line forests are a unique unique plant community

Forest vegetation and soil patterns across glade forest Treesearch

knob shaped hills formed where resistant line or sandstone overlay erosion prone 1 Corresponding author Present address U S Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station maintaining or expanding the unique plant assemblages steepest slopes 15–35 slope of the other two glades is 5 to 15

Rain forest vegetation of Eua Island Kingdom of Tonga

Rain forest vegetation of Eua Island Kingdom of Tonga the richest most unique forest in Tonga Sykes and elsewhere on other bare raised line

Shilin Stone Forest Unique Places In China WorldAtlas

At Shilin tall line formations appear to rise up out of the ground like trees The Shilin Stone Forest is situated in the Shilin Yi Autonomous County and the set of It also has the zonal vegetation in monsoons grasslands and brush lands Hunting and fishing in the area is also another factor and even the old trees

Southern Ridge and Valley Cumberland Dry Calcareous Forest

Unique Identifier CES202 457 Examples occur on a variety of different landscape positions and occur on generally deeper soils These forests occur in a variety of habitats and are the matrix vegetation type that covers Most of the zone of occurrence is attributed to the Southern Line Dolomite Valleys and Low

Guam Vegetation Mapping Using Very High USDA Forest Service

Caucasian and 27 other ethnic groups Guam Visitors Bureau 2006 The capital of was covered by small patches of extremely varied vegetation types Forests Ravine Forest on Volcanic Soil and on Line Outcrops in Valleys 5

West ia Statewide Forest Resource Assessment

recreation wildlife habitat scenic views water quality and other public values Some of the state s large forest blocks contain concentrations of rare plants and These areas include shale barrens sandstone glades line barrens and conserve species that are dependent on the unique edaphic and floristic


OF A UNIQUE PACIFIC ISLAND ECOSYSTEM Joan E Canfield Nearly all of the other islands of Palau are of coral line rather tha · of volcanic origin a richer forest community to take over much of the strand hab itat Low Coral

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